Promoting Permanency - Caseworker & Child Visits

Promoting Placement Stability and Permanency through Caseworker/Child Visits Through the Child and Family Service Review process, it was found that there is a significant positive relationship between caseworker visits with children and a number of other indicators for safety, permanency and well-being. This curriculum was developed by the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections in response to that clear indication that the importance of caseworker visits to children in foster care is positively correlated to outcomes for children and families. This one day curriculum is intended to be part of either pre-service or ongoing training within a child welfare organization. It builds on the concepts of attachment, strengths-based assessment and planning, child and youth development, effective interviewing and organizing contacts. It allows caseworkers to practice some of the skills through role plays and preparatory activities. The seven developmental checklists are tools for caseworker's to use as they begin to more intentionally structure their visits to focus on safety, permanence, and well being. (Updated May 2008)

Download the curriculum: Promoting Placement Stability and Permanency through Caseworker/Child Visits

Download handouts for Module 1: Setting the Stage - Reviewing the Current Federal and State Child Welfare Mandates

Download handouts for Module 2: An Empowering Approach to Child Welfare Practice

Download handouts and materials for Module 3: Developmental Approach to Assessing Safety, Permanency and Well Being

Additional handouts for Module 3:

Safety Checklists and Well-Being & Permanency Questions

Download handouts for Module 4: Planning Our Face to Face Visits with Families

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