Children's Bureau Express - February 2018

    Spotlight on Early Childhood Collaboration/Early Intervention
    Collaboration among early childhood professionals, parents, and other stakeholders is important to ensuring children's developmental needs are being met and that children reach their full potential. In this issue, read about a range of products developed to facilitate partnerships between professionals and parents to promote the developmental, social, and educational growth of young children; a case study of a collaboration between a daycare and early childhood education agency and a traditional academic children's hospital; the extent to which pediatric primary care providers share hearing and vision screening results with early care and education programs; and a study that explores and compares parents' and preschool workers' perceptions of bullying with respect to preschool workers' competence, collaboration with parents, and strategies for dealing with bullying.


    Early Intervention Collaboration


    A Children's Hospital and an Early Childhood Education Center Collaborate to Provide Health-Care Services for Children


    Sharing Screening Results With Early Care, Education Programs


    Parents' and Preschool Workers' Perceptions of Bullying in Early Childhood

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