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Advisory Committee

    The Louisiana CIP/Children's Advocacy Resource Effort (CARE) Committee consists of individuals representing diverse yet collaboborative stakeholders all dedicated to improving the welfare of all children of Louisiana. Members include:


    Judge Ernestine S. Gray, Chair
    Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

    Judge Charles L. Porter
    16th Judicial District Court

    Kevin Robshaw, J.D.
    Mental Health Advocacy Services

    Margot Hammond, J.D.
    Mental Health Advocacy Services

    Judge Kathleen Stewart Richey
    East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Court

    S. Mark Harris, J.D., CIP Coordinator
    Louisiana Supreme Court

    Kaaren Hebert
    DCFS-Policy Advisor

    Rhenda Hodnett, Ph.D., LMSW 
    DCFS-Child Welfare Administrator

    Jan Byland, J.D., MSW, CPA 
    DCFS-Children's Justice Act Task Force Chair

    Toni Buxton 
    DCFS-Foster Care

    Myra N. Magee
    Louisiana Foster & Adoptive Parents Association

    Kimberly S. Morgan, J.D.

    Dr. Amy Dickson
    LSU Health Sciences Center, Infant Team

    Prof. Corie Hebert, Ph.D., LCSW
    Southeast Louisiana University School of Social Work

    Melissa Maiello 
    DCFS - IV-E Compliance

    Karen Hallstrom, JD, MSW
    Louisiana Supreme Court - Deputy Judicial Administrator

    Carmen Weisner
    National Association of Social Workers-Louisiana Chapter

    John Wyble, Ph.D. 
    Louisiana CASA

    Ronnie A. Rossitto, J.D.
    District Attorney’s Office, 14th Judicial District

    Revonda Kirby, J.D. 
    Louisiana CASA 

    Jacqueline Wilson
    Louisiana CASA

    Joan Hunt
    Louisiana Department of Education

    Donna Cuneo 
    Louisiana Bar Foundation

    Eileen Fourroux
    DCFS-Children's Justice Act

    Prof. Luz Molina
    Loyola University College of Law

    Prof. Erma Borsky
    Southern University

    Monte Mollere 
    Louisiana Bar Foundation, Access to Justice


    Lynell Sanders
    Children’s Justice Act, OCS

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